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Truck Accident AttorneyWhen trucks collide with a car or other trucks, there is often a lot more to be done to protect the possible of the occupant of a car than if the car had only been involved in a collision with another car. The insurance adjuster for the truck will usually jump right on the claim and take advantage of the car occupant’s lack of knowledge about the host of laws governing the driving of trucks on public roads.

Truck Accident Attorney in Vancouver WAThere are laws that govern how trucks are driven; how they are inspected and maintained; and the qualifications necessary to drive a truck on the road. It may be that the violation of these laws, or a number of administrative rules applicable to trucks, have been violated and caused the collision. It is important to run down critical evidence concerning the collision before it is gone forever.

Truck Accident Attorney Vancouver WAI frequently talk to people who have been in accidents. They know what has happened. They know that an insurance company somewhere has inspected the accident scene, taken photographs, talked to witnesses, and saved valuable evidence. It is my experience that the insurance carrier for the injured automobile driver and his or her occupants almost never does this, certainly not thoroughly.

Accident Attorney Vancouver WAIn part that is because the amount of insurance carried on a car frequently isn’t much as compared to the insurance that must be carried on the truck. Therefore, your own insurance company generally will not spend the time necessary to do a very thorough investigation, or perhaps it won’t really do one at all.

Truck Accident Attorney Vancovuer WAThe adjuster for the at-fault truck driver will do a very thorough investigation because commercials trucks are required to carry a lot of insurance - $1,000,000 or more. Therefore there is a lot more at risk for the insurer for the trucking company, and the trucking company itself.

What people don’t understand as they are trying to put their lives back together after a collision, is that the adjusters for the trucking company will never share any of the information they have collected with anyone who was injured by the fault of the truck driver. If that information has not been collected on behalf of the person injured in a collision with a commercial truck, it may be lost forever in a very short period of time.

Claim Processing by a qualified/Experienced Truck Accident Attorney

Accident caused by trucks Vancouver WA attorneyIf you consult with and retain a qualified attorney, that attorney will be responsible to attempt to collect the information that is needed for the proper presentation of the injury victim’s claim, and preserve it for the ultimate presentation of that information in court if that becomes necessary. That attorney should understand the type of insurance coverage that is available and best advise you on what to expect, and how those expectations can be best maximized.

If you call me, I will be happy meet with you to go over your collision and injuries with you. There is no charge unless you decide to retain me afterward. So long as I represent you, all fees are payable only after money is recovered on your claim; you are not required to pay me any money when I am retained. To discuss your case in a no-fee, no-oblication phone call, feel free to call for an appointment (360) 980-1105 or a phone conference at no charge.

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