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Truck accident attorney claims processingVehicle collisions in which one of the vehicles is a big truck require different attention that claims arising out of a collision involving two cars. Big trucks are routinely insured for $1,000,000 or more. Insurance carriers and claims adjusters for trucking companies are very aggressive and among the most difficult insurance companies and adjusters to deal with. Truck accidents are more complex than car crashes because of regulations and standards that are unique to the operation of trucks on the public road.

Truck accident attorney legal claim against insurance companiesIf you are in an accident involving a big truck, it is more likely that the insurer or adjuster will do a far more thorough investigation than what you might find in a simple vehicle collision. The reason for that investigation is not to help you to submit and recover on your claim for your injuries.

injured claim settlement processing insurance companyThe reason for the investigation is to arm the adjuster with the highest quality information that the adjuster can obtain in order to protect the driver, the driver’s employer, and any insurer for the truck driver and the trucking company. Knowledge is power. The investigation is intended to arm the adjuster with the best possible information to defeat or minimize your claim. The investigation is intended to preserve evidence to use against you and your claim for your injuries.

truck accident attorney legal representationIt is not likely that your own insurance company will collect anywhere near the same information, if they collect any information at all. The evidence that the trucking company and its adjusters and insurers collect will not be available to you unless it is advantageous to them to disclose it to you.

insurance claim by injured victim of a trucking accidentThe truck driver, the trucking company, the owner of the trailer or the manufacturer of the defective products associated with the truck, such as the truck’s tire or brakes, are all potentially responsible in the event of a collision with a big truck. It is important to collect, preserve and analyze this evidence early in the claim, or some of it may just go away. There are so many circumstances that need to be considered in a trucking accident and that is what makes such claims needing much more attention.

There are many factors that can contribute to a collision with a truck. If a truck is poorly equipped or poorly maintained that might be the cause of an accident rather than anything the driver of the truck did wrong. Sometimes there are problems with the design of a road that cause the collision. Sometimes other vehicles are involved. It is important to run all these things down, and sometimes there is a small window of time when the evidence is available to assign responsibility to the correct party.

injury settlement case insurance adjusters for truck accidentUnless you retain an experienced injury attorney as soon as possible, you risk evidence being lost or destroyed. Virtually all attorneys who handle these cases for injured persons will talk to you to see if there is a case. In our office there is no charge for initial consultations unless you choose to hire us to help you with your claim. Any fee that is charged is based on the recovery of money from the at-fault party or an insurer. So long as we represent you through to the end of your claim, no attorneys fee is charged until the money is recovered for you, out of which the fee can be paid.


I fyou have been in a truck accident, Hiring An Experienced Truck Accident Attorney to protect your rights

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