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Hospital Injury Claims Liabilities

In 2004 nearly 7,000 deaths were reported with more than 4 million work related accidents casuing injuries with medical expenses and insurance compensation payments reaching almost $220 billion.

Medical workers and healthcare providers are among the highest risk category for workplace injuries and among the largest groups for claiming work related personal injury claimants.

Workplace injuries are more common than most people think and the rate of injuries are growing each year in hospitals and clinics. According to a report by Bureau of Labor Statistics healthcare workers have encountered injuries at a higher rate (7% more) than the non-healthcare workplace injuries.

About 10% of healthcare workers' injuries required time off from their duties and rest period to recover from injury and about 15% of nurses and personal care staff experience some form of occupational injury each year, required recovery period.

Also the Centers for Dieseach Control and Prevention CDC has released reports that indicated that healthcare workers in hospitals sustain nearly 400,000 injuries (slip and fall, back injuries, contaminated needle injections, etc.) each year.

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