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Ways to get most from your personal injury settlement

Ways to get most from your personal injury settlement, hire a personal injury attorney to Increase Your Personal Injury Claim Settlement. After a settlement is agreed upon it's time to figure out how much you will receive. The adjuster will offer a certain amount of money to settle the case. From that amount, and fees and expenses will be deducted. What's left is cash in your pocket!

Ways to get most from your personal injury settlement

Ways to get the most from your personal injury settlement:

Can you obtain your own medical records? Medical providers sometimes charge hundreds of dollars for records, as much as $2.50 a page, to copy and mail them. They take advantage of the attorney's need to have the records, thinking the attorney has no choice but to pay it. However, the patient can usually get these records for free or greatly reduced cost. The records can be provided on a CD or USB drive, or in paper form.

Will your doctor put a lien on your file? Will s/he charge you interest? Sometimes cases take months or even years to resolve. If your medical providers are charging interest that eats into your take home check at the end of the settlement.

Are you running out of PIP benefits? Pay attention to your benefit levels. Once the PIP coverage is exhausted, any expenses after that are your responsibility to pay.

Keep receipts! Expenses such as over the counter medicines, a heating pad or ice pack, lumbar support, etc recommended by your doctor, prescriptions, co-pays, damaged clothing that had to be replaced, damaged car seats or cell phones can often be submitted for reimbursement if you have receipts.
Every settlement is different and there is really no way to know until the negotiations are in full swing, what you will be able to put in your pocket. Together with your attorney you can take steps to maximize your settlement check!



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