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Jim Sellers, Attorney At Law

40+ Years of experience in Personal Injury Law in both Washington and Oregon

Accident Attorney Vancouver WA

Accident AttorneyAccident Attorney Vancouver WA is the practice of James Sellers, Attorney at Law. He represents people who are injured in accidents (through negligence and malpractice) and families of those who are killed in accidents, in cases of wrongful death claims. In most cases, we recover compensation for our clients from the people responsible for negligent or reckless behaior that caused the injury or death (wrongful death claim).

In non fatal injury cases, we recover compensation for our client's medical expenses, lost wages, loss of future income, pain and suffering, emotional pain, loss of ability to enjoy hobbies and recreational activities, inconvenience, and damage to the quality of married life, (and if applicable) property repair/loss or replacement, and vehicle rental.

In the case of death cases, we intend to recover compensation for our client's emotion stress, pain and suffering that results from the death of the family member, funeral expenses, and if applicable, for the loss of any expected inheritance.

Accident Attorneys Vancovuer WashingtonIf you need an accident attorney in Vancouver WA, you can hardly find anyone as experienced and knowledgeable as Mr. James Sellers. From 1989 to 1997, Mr. Sellers was a member of the Board of Governors of the Washington State Trial Lawyers Association, where he chaired WSTLA's Legislative and Public Affairs Committees. He represents clients in both state of Washington and state of Oregon. His offices are in Vancouver, WA.

How do we go about representing you as your accident attorney?

Attorney Accident Vancouver WAWe represent you the way we would want to be represented, if or when we are in your shoes: basically, with honesty, sincerety, respect, and courtesy. We intend to recover maximum possible compensation as quickly as possible based on your preferences and what you want to achieve. We tell you what we think, based on our many years of experience, and we let you decide - and then we get on with doing the job.

What to do in case you have been in an accident

If you or a loved on have been in an accident or have been injured as a result of negligence by another party, you need to immediately get medical attention for your injuries, even if at first you may not have noticed internal bleeding or other injuries that may not appear at the time of the accident. Make sure physicians or other expert witnesses thoroughly evaluate any injuries that you may have experienced.

Injury Lawyer Vancouver WAOne you have obtained medical attention for your injuries, you can then, start to gather and preserve any and all evidence regarding the circumstances of the accident and the medical injuries that you may have encountered. Do not hesitate to call James Sellers, Accident Attorney Vancouver WA to discuss your motor vehicle accident case and to assess your situation and determine the best methods for you to obtain any compensation available for the damages you suffered.

Evaluate your options with accident attorney vancouver wa

If you need an accident attorney in Washington or Oregon, you can hardly find anyone as experienced and knowledgeable as Mr. James Sellers, with more than 40+ years of experience. If you've been in a motor vehicle accident and you are uncertain what you next step should be to file a claim for damages, please fill out our free case consultation or call us to speak with Mr. Sellers for an informal discussion regarding your options.