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Accident Attorney Fee - no recovery, no fee

In most cases our fee is contingency based, which means that if we do not recover damages and compensation for your injury, we do not get paid.

Contingency Fee Based Accident Attorney Vancouver WAIn pesonal injury law an accident attorney in Washington or Oregon means that there is not necessarily a guarantee that the accident attorney will be paid for his/her efforts in a a personal injury claim by a injured party. The contingency fee is very beneficial to a client, which basically means that there is an agreement between the client and the personal injury attorney stating that in the event that compensation is awarded for the claim of injury due to negligence, the personal injury attorney Vancouver Washington will receive a certain percentage of the compensation as their legal fees. The percentage depends on the complexity of the case, how likely it is to succeed, and the amount of compensation that the personal injury attorney may suspect will be awarded. In contrast, in the event that the case is lost and no compensation is awarded, the clients are not responsible for paying the personal injury attorney for their efforts at all. This is highly beneficial to the clients.

Benefits of No Recovery No Fee based Accident Attorney Representation

No Recovery No Fee Accident AttorneyThe most obvious benefit from the contingency fee is that an injured party can obtain an accident attorney in Vancouver WA without having to pay any month out of their pockets for legal fees in order to submit a claim to recover damages and compensation. There are many individuals that may not be able to fight a legal battle, specially after an injury that causes them to lose their job, and they may not believe that they would be able to pay for the legal fees in the event that they were to lose. The contingency fee will allow an injured party to claim compensation needed for the medications and medical treatments that are necessary for recovery as well as for lost wages and pain and suffering.

Looking for an accident attorney that accepts contingent based payThe other obvious benefit of contingency fee is that the accident attorney in Vancouver WA would not take a case on unless it had its merits and there was a high chance of success and that the accident attorney would conduct a thorough investigation, leave no stones unturned, to find all the facts and fight hard to win.

The percentage based fee is also another benefit for a client since the accident attorney in Vancouver WA will work extra hard to recover a maximum compensation on behalf of the client. This extra effort by the accident attorney will be based on the motivation for the highest possible compensation award on behalf of the client.

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Contingency Fee Basis Means No Recovery No fee