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Truck Accidents Causes, Claims, Valuation

A few months ago a FedEx truck driver lost control of his vehicle while driving his 18-wheeler AND 2 additional trailers. As a result of the crash with other vehicles on the road, passengers sustained significant injuries and one person was hospitalized for traumatic brain injury. In this case, fortunately there were no fatalities. There have been many cases of truck accidents near the junction of I205 and I5 just north of Vancouver, Washington.

In yet another tragic incident involving a passenger car, an International moving company's truck struck and killed a young driver after his car got a flat tire and he was sitting in his car on the side of the road calling emergency services for assistance.

Truck Accident Attorney Vancovuer WAIn Washington and Oregon, there are many commercial vehicles on the roadways since there are major ports serving Northwest and the rest of United States. Much of the commerce for both states is transported on the interstates and highways. When commercial trucks are driven carelessly or recklessly they can cause an accidents. The causes of truck accidents include: driver fatigue, distracted while driving (e.g. texting or watching photos or video on cell phones while driving, reading books, eating or drinking, grooming, talking on the phone, etc.), drowsiness dur to either over-eating or prescription drugs, poor road visibility, bad weather conditions, truck brakes not working properly or not maintenanced regularly, or due to road works and road obstacles.

All of these pose a danger to the lives of the passengers of other vehicles using the road for transportation.

TRUCKS ACCIDENTS: Claims, by: Accident Attorney Northwest

Accident caused by trucks Vancouver WA attorneyWhen a commercial vehicle causes an accident and injuries against victims of an accident, you can claim against the driver as well as the trucking company. This will not be easy since you have a huge fight on your hands since trucking companies have attorneys on retainer to fight hard, fight long, and fight nasty to win. They have experience and lots of money to back their fight.

Trucking companies have many drivers working for them and therefore, have experienced and dealth with many different cases. They have become an expert, if you like, in know how to fight against a claim and win. They do play dirty because the stakes are high. Additionally, the trucking companies know that they are partly responsible for all the stress on drivers to meet a deadline, which often results in fatigue, drowsiness, exhustion, and poor driving judgement.

Truck Accident Attorney Vancovuer WAThere have been too many cases in the last 20 years whereby a fatigued driver ended up driving extremely dangerously and ended up swerving and dropping their load on the roadways causing multiple accidents and resulting in massive highway pile ups resulting in injuries and wrongful death fatalities. Drivers have even been reported to fake their log books to stay within regulations and still be able to meet deadlines. Drowsy driving is a major risk for any driver.

These are just some of the acts of negligence by trucking companies or their drivers that cause these collisions. There are many others such as trucks are improperly maintained, which leads to equipment failure, or that creates difficulty for a driver of a large commercial truck or 18-wheeler while attempting to negotiate heavy traffic.

In almost all, both trucking companies and truck drivers do all they can to avoid paying compensation for the claims by the injured parties, or at the very least, to avoid paying out a fair compensation.

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Compensation for injuries caused by a Truck Accident

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