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injury caused by negligence

Injury can be caused by carelessness, neglect, workplace lack of safety regulation and procedures, intentional harm (e.g. reckless driving in road rage), and harm / damages caused as a result of not taking due care fall under negligence.

Negligence Case Insurance Claims AttorneyAccording to National Safety Council released document, Americans suffered about 6 million personal injuries each year due to auto accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents, dental and medical malpractice, workplace related accidents, or other types of accidents.

Motor vehicle accidents are responsible for the the highest number of injuries and death in America with almost 1 million injuries and about 12,000 deaths, and 5,000 of which is alchohol-related accidental deaths.

Negligence injury claim calculationNegligence cases are often quite involved and the burden of proof rests with the victim - such as proving lack of duty of care and breach of duty or carelessness and intentional harm. Each of the elements of negligence is analyzed seperately to evaluate if there is cause for neglect or breach. Even if the victim proves the neglect or breach of duty, he/she still hast to prove that the injury was cause as a result of that neglect.

If the victim wins the litigation, then he/she may receive compesation for damages, including general damages, medical damages, special damages, and/or punitive damages.

Read about Claim Adjusters and how they work to avoid paying out on claims. You can also review Insurance Companies Claims Processing, and Claims Adjusters Overview, Civi Liberties, and hiring a personal injury attorney.

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Negligence best attorney provesDelay in filing an accident claim can affect your rights in your personal injury case, and you don't want the other party to file against you first to claim that you were at fault. You need to protect your rights by having an experienced attorney represent you. Do you have questions like, who will pay the damages to your vehicle? Our law firm answers car accident and traffic accident questions directly on the phone. Contact us to protect your rights.

Some insurance companies that represent the part at-fault will contact a victim of a personal injury and coerce them into settling their claim immediately, sometimes with false statements and being persuasive that they refuse to pay for your medical expenses or other compensation that you may have the right to claim as a result of your accident.

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