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How a Personal Injury Case is Settled | Personal Injury Attorney Vancouver WA

How a Personal Injury Case is Settled; Majority of personal injury claimants settle to save time and money, retain Personal Injury Attorney Vancouver WA today. After you are injured in an accident, it is likely you will have unpaid bills and expenses. A settlement can go a long way toward taking care of those expenses and putting you back into the position you were in, before the accident.

How a Personal Injury Case is Settled | Personal Injury Attorney Vancouver WA

When you are finished with your medical treatment, the attorney will organize your medical bills and records, wage loss data, damage photos, police report/s and any other relevant information into what is called a settlement demand package; They attorney will also draft a letter which outlines - the other party's fault, your injuries, your losses and any lingering or permanent effects you will have because of the accident. There is also a demand for a certain sum, to settle the case. You and your attorney will decide how much the money demand should be. It is usually a very high number, far above the case's final value, and is used as an opening point for negotiations.

The demand package is sent to the adjuster, who can take anywhere from 30-90 days to review it. After that the adjuster will make a settlement offer. This offer is usually very low and the adjuster's starting point to negotiations. The attorney will contact you and let you know this opening offer, and together you will decide on how to respond. The parties go back and forth until an agreeable amount is reached.

Sometimes the parties do not agree. Sometimes the adjuster will stay firm on a low personal injury settlement value.

How a Personal Injury Case is Settled | Personal Injury Attorney Vancouver WA

In these situations, the attorney usually will file a lawsuit. But in most situations the adjuster and the attorney will go back and forth until an agreeable dollar amount is reached.

The next step is that the insurance company will send a Release form for you to sign. This is the end of the case and once this is signed, you will not be able to make any other claims against the responsible party, or their insurer for this accident. Your attorney will review the release to make sure it’s worded in your favor. Once you sign it a check will be issued by the insurance company and the settlement funds will be disbursed.



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