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What is PIP? It is short for Personal Injury Protection automobile coverage. It is required for auto insurance policies that are written for delivery in Oregon. It pays for the treatment expense and lost wages of persons riding in a vehicle, or pedestrians or bike riders who are hurt by that vehicle.

These are the specific items that you may eligible to received PIP benefits for:

Injury Insurance Claims AttorneyMedical & hospital bills
Injury Insurance Claims AttorneyIncome continuation payments
Injury Insurance Claims AttorneyLoss of essential services expense
Injury Insurance Claims AttorneyFuneral expense
Injury Insurance Claims AttorneyChild care expense

PIP coverage personal injury oregonPIP pays medical bills of up to $15,000 for one year from the date of the collision.
The payment of lost wages is $3,000 per month for 52 weeks, except for the first 14 days that you are off of work. In order to receive wage loss it will usually be necessary for your doctor to take you off work with a written off-work slip. Income continuation is usually 70% of your income loss while off work during the period of the 52 weeks coverage (except the first 14 days). In order to receive wage loss, you need to have been employed at the time of the injury.

PIP coverage portland oregon for personal injury claimsIf you were not regularly employed, essential services of up to $30 per day for 52 weeks can also be paid with PIP benefits. The loss of services benefit will pay for services that you cannot provide for yourself, such as cleaning your house or doing your laundry. The payment is for services not provided by a relative, someone residing in your dwelling, or an insured under the policy.

Oregon PIP lawsChild care expense up to $25 per day to a maximum of $750 is paid after 24 hours of hospitalization, until you are able to return to work or perform your own household-related activities (essential services).

You can purchase more PIP coverage at nominal rates. Without any question, PIP coverage is some of the cheapest coverage that you can buy. How much you buy depends on how good your health insurance is, because that is what you will probably have to rely on pending settlement of your claim against the person who caused your PIP oregon minimum coverageinjuries if don’t happen to have PIP or if the benefit is spent out. I always encourage people to buy more PIP if they can afford it. One big difference between PIP and health insurance is that if the PIP insurer unreasonably fails to pay benefits, it is probably easier to enforce the policy against the PIP carrier than it is when dealing with a health insurer.


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